Terms and condition of use


Placing an order does not require registration, but it's recommended. As a registered user you can track your shipment via our website.

1) When registering, the customer provide a name and other required information.
2) Give consent that lenzishop.com saves information to their customer database.
3) Customer agree to provide a correct information.

Purpose of the register

The data is used to deliver products to customers.
In addition, monitoring of customers' purchasing behavior.

We will collect the ip-address, name, address, telephone number, email address and the order history.

Privacy and Data Protection

Lenzishop.com customer information is confidential.

Lenzishop.com undertakes not to disclose customer information to other parties.

The consumer must comply with the attention when using e-commerce.

Lenzishop.com does not register the consumer
a) bank details
b) the credit card details
c) social security number
(* Credit card information and / or social security number needed only when ordering via Klarna invoicing. This information goes through the Klarna payment system and is not displayed or stored in our systems.)


Products and prices

Our online store products are to be shipped to addresses all over the world. We strive to provide the exact data sheets for each product, however, we will not be liable for errors in the product information. Please check the product measurement table before choosing the size, if the measure has been notified. Asian sizes are not always in line with EU standards.



We strive to deliver products during 2-5 days after payment is received. If a product is temporarily out of stock or there is a special order item (ie. Some cosplay costumes), we will notify the estimated delivery time. With the Delivery Confirmation we will announce the shipment tracking number.


Loyal customers

10euro each purchase you will receive one (1) loyalty point. Loyalty points can take advantage of the next purchase. 1 loyalty point is worth one (1) euro. 100 EUR purchase you will get 10euro value of loyalty points. Points you get only every exceeded 10euro.

Loyalty points is in use immediately when the order is shipped. Points are valid for 180 days of issue. Expired points not be refunded.




Buy Now - Pay Later!
These terms apply between you and this shop where you purchase goods, tickets, or services when you select Pay Later as your payment method.

When you select Pay Later as your payment method, we offer you the option to pay on the due date, which is 14 days from the date of dispatch of the goods or tickets or the date on which the services or digital content are available to you. We transfer our receivables to Klarna Bank AB (“Klarna”). Klarna will send you payment instructions to pay your purchase directly to Klarna. Contact and other information on Klarna can be found at klarna.fi.

Pay only when you receive your order!
Klarna provides consumers with Buyer Security, which means, for example, that as a consumer you do not have to pay for the products you have ordered until you have received them, and that Klarna assists you in any problem with your purchase.

More information and instructions can be found here: https://www.klarna.com/uk/klarnan- consumers-support-customer-security/.

We will charge you a billing fee of 0 €. If the claim is not paid, Klarna will send a reminder, for which Klarna will charge a reminder fee of $ 5.00 plus interest for late payment according to the Interest Act. If, despite payment reminders, the claim is still unpaid, Klarna may transfer the claim to the debt collection agency for collection, which may incur recovery costs.

Credit check and personal data processing at Klarna
If you choose Pay Later as your payment method, Klarna will evaluate your credit worthiness.

Klarna will process your personal information in order to comply with its obligations under this Agreement and for the other purposes stated in our Privacy Statement. The Privacy Statement is available here and on our website, and by using Klarna's services you confirm that you have read the Privacy Statement. We process your personal information for purposes such as identifying and analyzing your customer relationships, conducting credit assessments, marketing and developing our business. We may also transfer your information to selected parties (such as credit bureaus) that may be located outside the EU / EAA. Our Privacy Statement provides more information on information sharing, your rights to your information, how to contact us with your questions, or how to complain to the authorities.


Registry and Privacy Policy, GDPR

This is a register and privacy statement according to Lenzishop (Business ID 2960815-9) Personal Data Act (sections 10 and 24) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Created 01.01.2019. Last modified 03.06.2019.

1. The Registrar

Köhniönkatu 34
40630 Jyväskylä
Tel: 040-8568120

2. Contact person responsible for the register

Kalle Nikara, kalle.nikara (at) gmail.com, 040-8568120

3. Name of the register

Company customer register

4. Legal basis and purpose of the processing of personal data

The legal basis for the processing of personal data under the EU General Data Protection Regulation is

- the legitimate interest of the controller, the relationship with the customer.

The purpose of processing personal data is to communicate with customers, deliver products to customers, maintain customer relationships and market.

The data is not used for automated decision making or profiling.

5. Information content of the register

The information to be recorded in the register is: person's name, company / organization, contact information (telephone number, email address, address), IP address of the network connection, information about ordered products and changes, billing information, other customer relationship and service related information. We do not request or store credit card information.

The data retention period is for the time being.

6. Regular sources of information

Information stored in the register can be obtained from the customer eg. messages sent via web forms, email, telephone, social media services, contracts, customer meetings and other situations where a customer discloses information.

7. Regular disclosures and transfers of data outside the EU or the EEA

Information is not routinely disclosed to other parties. The information may be published to the extent agreed with the customer.

Data may also be transferred by the controller outside the EU or the EEA.

8. Registry Protection Principles

The records shall be handled with care and the data processed by the information systems shall be appropriately protected. When registry information is stored on Internet servers, the physical and digital security of their hardware is properly taken care of. The data controller shall ensure that the stored information, as well as server access and other information critical to the security of personal data, is handled confidentially and only by the employees whose job description it covers.

9. Right of inspection and right to have the data corrected

Every person in the register has the right to verify their data stored in the register and to request the correction of any inaccurate or incomplete information. If a person wishes to check or rectify the information stored about him / her, the request must be sent in writing to us using the contact form. If necessary, the controller may ask the applicant to prove his identity. The controller will respond to the client within the time limit set by the EU Data Protection Regulation (as a rule within one month).

10. Other rights related to the processing of personal data

A person on the register has the right to request that personal data relating to him be removed from the register ("the right to be forgotten"). Data subjects also have other rights under the EU General Data Protection Regulation, such as restricting the processing of personal data in certain situations. Requests should be sent to us in writing using the contact form. If necessary, the controller may ask the applicant to prove his identity. The controller will respond to the client within the time limit set by the EU Data Protection Regulation (as a rule within one month).
If there is any conflict or difference between the Finnish version of the Terms of Use and its English version, the Finnish version prevails.